There is something very charming, elegant yet comforting in gorgeous rustic, shabby chic decor. With its informal quality, naturally inspired elements, distressed finishes and rustic textures, it pairs very nicely with the season of Fall.

Here are the elements that make up a rustic, shabby chic wedding:

Textures - Burlap

Burlap and linens are the go to textiles to create that shabby chic look. Pale blues, soft lilacs and pastel pinks all work very well with burlap. Add lace for an added touch of elegance. 





Naturally Inspired Items

Think reclaimed woods, wood round slices and rustic flower arrangements for centerpieces and bouquets. For fall weddings consider using seasonal decor such as leaf garlands in hues of red and orange.



Distressed Finishes

Lovely distressed woods and metals add that charming element to a rustic shabby chic wedding. 



DIY Touches

The great thing about shabby chic weddings are the lovely DIY touches. Best of all you can save some money with DIY projects without skimping on style. In fact, DIY style is what gives rustic shabby chic weddings that added charm to suit the relaxed yet elegant theme. Perserves, jams and mini pies are favours that are always well appreciated. Use twine, burlap/linen trims and laces to complete the look of your projects. 




Finally, don't forget to include some personalized items. It's something that is perfect for any type of wedding - it's what makes a wedding uniquely yours.







September 11, 2014 by Julie Reid