The freestanding chalkboard easel has a modern white wooden frame that provides a crisp, clean border suited to different décor styles. Available in two sizes large (18" x 24") and small (12" x 18"). The large chalkboard easel stands on its own. You can set it up wherever needed around the wedding venue or at the ceremony entrance. The small-sized chalkboard easel is perfect for tabletops. Write on the blackboard with chalk, chalk pens, or add your own printed [decals] to the board to create dynamic, decorative signage for your big event. Use the blackboard surface as a wedding welcome board, display the seating chart, label the gift table, provide guest book instructions, or thank everyone for celebrating with you on your big day! Because the blackboard is blank, you can clean it and use it again to display signage for other events too.
  • Large: Large: (chalkboard area) 60.5cm (H) x 45.5cm (L)
  • Small: Small: (chalkboard area) 30.25cm (H) x 45.5cm (L)
  • MDF
  • Large: (overall size) 85.5cm (H) x 57cm (L) x 48cm (W)
  • Small: (chalkboard area) 45.5cm (H) x 30cm (L)
  • Small (overall size): 85.5cm (H) x 57cm (L) x 44cm (W)
  • Attached folding stand