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Eyeglasses, sunglasses, even ski goggles, you can prevent condensation build-up on your lenses with the anti-fog eyewear cloth. It's an inexpensive and simple solution to fogged lenses. The lens cloth uses advanced technology with special molecules that help prevent condensation from gathering on the surface of optical products. The perfect solution to the fogging that happens when wearing eyeglasses with a face mask. A new, daily challenge glasses-wearers have to face. With a quick wipe, the anti-fog cloth forms a layer on the surface of your lenses that's unaffected by water vapor. Clean the lenses before each application to improve performance. After wiping the lens, return the cloth to the reusable, zip-lock pouch until it is needed again. Able to be used up to 200 times. With effects that last up to 12 hours, you can effortlessly maintain visual clarity throughout your day, whether you're cooking, drinking a hot beverage, exercising, skiing down a mountain, or coming in from the cold.


  • 13.5cm (L) x 0.1cm (H) x 9cm (W)
  • 80% Polyester 20% Nylon
  • Cloth size:13.5cm x 14.5cm
  • Resealable Pouch